Mind:Body:Spirit Healing's Relax & Rejuvenate Parties


Reiki Curious? Want to "Try before you buy?" Inquiring minds want to know about the services we offer? Wish there were a way to get some free or discounted holistic healing services? Or maybe you just love having friends get together for snacks, drinks and a little "R & R."

Well, look no further! This party has it ALL!  Host a "Relax & Rejuvenate Party" and you'll be helping to educate your friends (and yourself) about the AMAZING healing, wellness and guidance opportunities available through Mind:Body:Spirit Healing, while having a fun and relaxing time hanging out with your Besties AND getting FREE mini-services so you can try before you buy! Better yet, when you and your friends decide that our services are something you want in your life, you'll be offered exclusive attendee-only discounts on prepaid services! And BONUS!!! As a host/hostess, you'll get a percentage of the total sales as credit for your own services! Aaaahhhh... that's some immediate stress relief, right there!

We'll come in to your lovely home, set up some lovely essential oils diffusing into the room to enhance the relaxation, light some candles and set up some relaxing ambiance for you and your guests! Don't want to have to clean house, lock up the dogs or kick out the kids? No problem! You can even host your party at Mind:Body:Spirit Healing's beautiful space! Either way, you provide the attendees (ideally, between 3-10 guests*) and some snacks and beverages and we'll do the rest! You just kick back, relax and enjoy!

Call or e-mail us to book your party, TODAY!

*To promote the relaxing and rejuvenating environment, we recommend that all guests be over the age of 18.