***NEW!!*** V.I.P. DAY - Relax, Renew, Rejuvenate!

What if life had a reset button? Well, ACTUALLY...

Spend an entire day with Samira! Completely reset your energy! Start off with a wonderful, guided meditation to help release stress and ground your energy for a more relaxed existence. Then we'll do a two hour Goddess Mentor Coaching Session over tea and light, healthful snacks. We'll talk about all the things! Your experiences, goals and dreams, how to overcome any obstacles, and formulate an action plan to manifest your AMAZING LIFE, be it on a personal, professional, financial or spiritual level - or all of them! We'll create a vision board to help keep your focus on your manifestation. We'll enjoy a lovely lunch at a nearby restaurant. Afterward, we'll return to the healing space and do an aura clearing and healing attunement, to completely cleanse and clear your energetic field and whisk away anything that may be blocking your flow, slowing you down from reaching your most marvelously fulfilled self! We'll follow this with a Reiki session to fill your Mind, Body and Spirit with positive, stress-relieving, healing energy, love and light, and fortify your newly cleansed energy field. After your Reiki session, we'll debrief to relay any messages that came through for you during your session, by way of your Chakras. We'll tie it all together with an intuitive reading over tea and snacks. We'll then take a field trip to a local metaphysical shop, to find which crystals or other goodies want to go home with you to further your healing journey. We'll return to the healing space and end the day with a deep relaxation breathing practice and another guided meditation and send you on your way - Relaxed, Renewed, Rejuvenated... RESET! 

VIP DAY Included services:

Two-hour Goddess Mentor One-on-One Coaching Session - Value: $180

Hour-long Reiki Session with Chakra Reading - Value: $85

Hour-long Intuitive Reading - Value: $90

Aura Clearing - Value: $55

Healing Attunement - Value: $55

1 Hour Vision Board Work & Creation - Value: $60

Two guided meditations, complete with Mp3 recordings to use at home - Value: $30

Lunch, tea and snacks - Value: $40

Crystal/Other goodies medicine bag - Value $35

Personalized Manifestation Action Plan worksheets, Chakra & Intuitive reading notes - Value $10

Total Value for this Package: $640    Your Investment:  Just $369!


Anyone who has or has not been attuned to Reiki may join us in this amazing experience of sharing healing energy! We'll gather, connect briefly and start off with a grounding meditation, then take turns offering and receiving Reiki, followed by a short debrief about our experiences, then offer our intentions and send Reiki to our loved ones, the planet and all its inhabitants! It's a great way to try it out if you're not sure if it's "your thing," or just want to see what it's all about! Circles typically range from three to twelve participants. Cost for attending a circle is a suggested $10-20 love offering.

Reiki Circles will take place at Mind:Body:Spirit Healing - 2001 Main St., Vancouver, WA, 98660. Dates vary and will be posted on the home page, so check back for the next circle!

Please call or e-mail us for more information or to RSVP for the next circle. Contact info can be found here.

Please like us on Facebook by clicking here! Circles and other events will be posted on the Facebook page, so be sure to add it to your favorites, so you get notification!


"Let the Healing Begin!" Package: Two REGULAR Sessions (see above) Including Two Intuitively Led Healing Talks, Two Hours of Reiki and Two Chakra Readings ($222 Value) & Attendance at one Reiki Circle ($20 Value) = $242 Total Value - JUST $199!

"Because I'm Worth It!" Pacakge: Three REGULAR Sessions (see above), with Three Intuitively Led Healing Talks, Three Hours of Reiki, and Three Chakra Readings ($333 value), Attendance at one Reiki Circle ($20 Value) and One 30 minute Intuitive Reading ($44 Value) = $397 Total Value - FOR ONLY $333!

"Give Me All You've Got!" Package: An Aura Clearing ($55 Value), A Healing Attunement ($55 Value), Three REGULAR Sessions (see above), with Three Intuitively Led Healing Talks, Three Hours of Reiki, and Three Chakra Readings ($333 value), Attendance at a Reiki Circle ($20 Value) and One 60 minute Intuitive Reading ($88) = $551 Total Value - ALL YOURS FOR $474!