Animals need Reiki too! Actually, they tend to respond very well to Reiki energy - often better than their humans, because they don't have as much psychological "junk" as we have, getting in the way!

Although they don't have as many stressors put on them as we stress-junkie humans do, animals can get stressed too! A move, a new person or pet in the home, a change in routine or schedule, or just about any change to their environment or daily routine can cause stress. And to animals as well as humans, stress can lead to illness or cronic conditions. Reiki can help animals in many ways... it can aid in the healing of injuries, recovery from surgeries or disease, ease pain and discomfort associated with aging and arthritis, help with anxious or nervous behavior, and provide the animal with needed stress relief and relaxation, a sense of calm and greater well-being.

I've provided Reiki healing energy to cats, dogs, rabbits, snakes, horses and more! I would love the opportunity to work with your animals!*

Animal Reiki sessions are done as outcall appointments, where I come to the animal.This works best, as they can be more relaxed in their own home environment.

Fees depend on the number of animals worked on, and the distance traveled. Sessions for animals don't tend to be as long as sessions for people, because animals are so receptive and in tune to Reiki energy. Typical animal sessions may last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the animal's needs and energetic tolerance.

One animal = $33 + $0.25 per mile beyond a 5 mile distance from Mind:Body:Spirit Healing.

Each additional animal in the same visit = $20. (Maximum 4 animals per visit)


*If an animal is not socialized well to people, please inform me and we'll discuss options. This doesn't necessarily mean the animal can't receive treatment, but just that certain safety accommodations must be made prior to the appointment. I reserve the right to cancel an appointment or refuse to treat an animal in any situation where I feel my personal safety is in jeopardy.