Chakra Readings:

As I hover my hands over your body, your chakras "speak to me" to tell me what they need, where their power lies, and where their weaknesses or areas of blockage are, so you can work to release those blocks, andi empower those chakras once again in order to live your life more fully and vibrantly!  These readings can be combined with a Reiki session, or they can be done alone. When combined with Reiki, the fee is discounted.

Stand-alone chakra reading - $25

Chakra reading added to Reiki session - $10.


Intuitive Readings:

I have several tarot and oracle decks that I work with, combined with messages from your spirit guides and my own intuitive connection, our reading session can provide you with general guidance, answer a "burning question," help you to work through things that may be blocking you from fully living your chosen path to fulfillment, or guide you to find a new path, if that is what you seek. Your spirit already knows what it needs, but the cards can be a way of accessing that knowledge and guiding you along the journey.

Readings - $45 - 30 minute reading.

                 $90 - 60 minute reading.

 Current Decks: Zen Tarot - Osho

                        Angel Tarot - Doreen Virtue

                        Goddess Oracle - Doreen Virtue

                        Healing With The Fairies - Doreen Virtue

                        The Secret Language of Animals - Chip Richards