What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality. It channels energy from all around us, and sends it through us to work to clear out blocked energy pathways that are causing us physical, emotional or spiritual difficulties. This facilitates the healing of your mind, body, and spirit! Some of the benefits of Reiki healing are stress reduction, relaxation, emotional and spiritual healing, pain relief and physical healing, help with sleeplessness, anxiety, chronic illness or disease, feeling sluggish or lacking energy. It provides an increase in vitality, mobility and energy, leading to a healthier body, mind and spirit and just plain feeling GOOD. Reiki works in conjunction with, supports and aids other healing modalities as well; alternative or traditional. Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves when in a relaxed state. Reiki provides this deeply relaxed state so the body can begin its own healing process. It also provides a greater connection to your inner and higher self, providing healing to the mind and spirit, which often times is needed in order for the physical body to heal.

There’s science behind it (for those that may think this sounds a little “out there”). All things are made of atoms, which are electronically charged particles and therefore, have energy. We ARE energetic beings, surrounded by energy. When things get in the way of the energetic flow, the energy has to work harder to get where it needs to go, like working to get around a road block. When these road blocks are removed, things flow smoothly and the energy gets to where it needs to be. Although energy does continue to flow through us all the time, a larger, stronger flow of energy is needed to clear these “road blocks” out of the way so that normal flow of energy isn’t slowed or inhibited.

Reiki provides this strong flow of energy to break up the energetic blocks that have formed as a result of physical, emotional or spiritual stresses or traumas we've endured, and push them out of the way, so the flow can return, bringing us healthy, vitality and peace of mind and spirit. So, in very blunt terms, Reiki is like an “Energetic Roto-Rooter” that clears the pipes (so to speak) so that things can flow smoothly again, allowing us to heal emotionally, spiritually and physically. 

Because Reiki is energetic, there is no manipulation of the body, and it can even be done completely hands-off. This makes it a perfect option for those who suffer from chronic pain, or have sensitivity to being touched. Reiki is completely non-invasive, and is performed while the client is fully clothed.

Reiki is wonderful for people of all ages! It's great for kids and adults alike! It even works wonders for animals! Click on the links under Services to find out about healing options for your family and pets!