About Samira Alemana, Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive & Transformational Life Coach

I'm Samira, and I'm honored to share with you, all the ways I can help you! First off, I'm a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner trained in the Usui Tradition. I offer Reiki healing sessions, packages and instructional workshops. If you’re ready to begin your healing or bring healing to others through Reiki, I can help! Click What is Reiki? to learn more about Reiki, how it's done and what it can do for you!

As a Transformational Life Coach, I provide practical, divinely inspired guidance, wisdom, healing, balance and empowerment to women and men seeking to awaken to a life lived more fully in spirit, truth, energy and power in both their personal and business endeavors. This is done through divine channeling, intuitive readings and sharing of my own life’s wisdom and experience as a woman, mother, teacher, healer, visionary and entrepreneur.

As an intuitive I can help you connect to your spirit guides, higher self, angels and those who have crossed over. I frequently receive messages of love and support from the other side for people while I’m working with them, and I share those messages with my clients. I’ve also helped people communicate with loved ones that they’ve lost to help bring closure, answer questions or just check in to know that they’re at peace.

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